Sophomore Brandon Fritts let his voice be heard

Sophomore Brandon Fritts let his voice be heard

challenging his teammates on the bench. Seniors Danny Wallack and Justin Fritts talked briefly about not ending their careers with a loss in the district tournament for the first time in their four years at Mentor. Most importantly, Fritts and Wallack went out and let their clutch fourth quarter play speak volumes for itself..

Perhaps the most influential event of the weekend is the POWDER MAGAZINE Video Awards at the Hotel Jerome. The PVA as it’s known is considered the Oscar’s of the ski world. All the top skiers in the World were there. “Ray Lewis is so cold hearted, I can’t believe he’s so cold hearted,” Wilson says in a phone interview later in the day. “I ray ban sunglasses pray that when he and his friends close their eyes, they keep seeing that murder over and over. I hope it beats them up until the day they die.

They started slow, but they’re creeping back. It looks like they’re starting to move in the right direction.”Ryan said that the Miracle did not have the depth of highly heralded prospects as in the previous two seasons, but from what he seen this week, the team is not lacking in talent.The Miracle had a 19 21 record entering Thursday, which shouldn’t be surprising, Ryan said, given the abundance of talent that was promoted after last season’s Florida State League championship run.”That’s the transition you have in the minor league system,” said Ryan, who returns home Sunday. “If people are good enough, they move up.

German public broadcaster RBB reports that the fugitive suspect in the deadly truck rampage at a Berlin Christmas market was seen on surveillance footage visiting a mosque before and after the attack.RBB reported Thursday that Anis Amri was filmed exiting a mosque in Berlin on Dec. 14 and 15. He was again filmed hours after Monday’s attack, at the same mosque in the capital’s Moabit district.The mosque was raided by police Thursday, two days after documents naming the 24 year old Tunisian were found in the cab of the truck that smashed into a Christmas market in the west of the city, killing 12 and injuring dozens more.The Paris prosecutor’s office says a female French citizen is among the injured in Berlin’s Christmas market attack and has opened its own investigation.German federal prosecutors say they have searched properties in western Germany and in Berlin where truck attack suspect Anis Amri is believed to have spent time.Prosecutors’ spokeswoman Frauke Koehler told reporters there were searches at “various locations” in North Rhine Westphalia state and in the capital on Thursday.

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