money trumps personal beliefs

money trumps personal beliefs

A “money trumps personal beliefs” theme was strong in Saudi Arabia this week. Handsome Boy Modelling School graduate Toby Keith took a break from writing songs about boozing to show once again how much he loves America and stands up for its values by performing a concert in Saudi Arabia where women and alcohol were not permitted, recalling his most famous song, “Courtesy of Whoever is Signing the Check.” Coinciding with President Trump’s visit, though not connected to it (Trump reportedly watched a few minutes on a TV simulcast, but didn’t attend), Keith’s concert comes at a time of true cultural evolution in the country just months ago, a religious minded ban on all public performance of music was lifted. Keith has nobly voluntarily played numerous times for troops stationed in the Middle East, so maybe this was just his opportunity to recoup some past expenses..

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Only 28.4% of sites featured the US Surgeon General’s health warnings and 81.8% featured minimum age of sale warnings. Nearly all sites (96.6%) sold premium or value brand cigarettes, 21.6% sold duty free Marlboros, and 8.0% sold bidis. Approximately one third featured special promotional programmes..

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Here’s his agenda: to make a quick buck telling people what they want to hear. Gays are just like anybody, some scumbag will see an opportunity and make the benjamins any way he can. This is a small state many people like me know personally the people involved and know beyond doubt what a huge outrageous like this book is.

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